We offer a number of courses and presentations along with bespoke one to one sessions to help those with sleep problems. Presentations include lunchtime courses for businesses, and support for schools such as education for primary school children, mainly in assemblies, and parents and teachers too. All school presentations are offered free of charge.

Corporate courses.

It is now estimated that poor sleep costs the UK £40 billion a year, with over 200,000 days lost as workers don’t turn up because they are exhausted or ill through lack of sleep. Those who do come to work are tired and sluggish with poor performance during the work day. Outside of work there are also a host of long terms health risks associated with poor sleep such as diabetes and heart disease. In order to help we have developed a short, lunchtime course with information on the main sleep problems and how to solve them. To find out more call 07813802549 or use the contact form.

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Primary school presentations.

Teaching all about sleep to primary school children is one of our primary goals for creating We have two separate 20 minute presentations for key stage 1 and key stage 2 designed for morning assemblies, which we offer free of charge to primary schools. We also do presentations to parent’s evenings and teachers. If you would like to book one please get in touch.

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One to One sessions.

I offer one on one coaching sessions in North West London. Depending on the case history these sessions can either be one offs, or short term programmes. Sessions more often than not include hypnotherapy in order to lock in changes in mind-set and behaviour typically to deal with an over active mind or stress which causes about 60% off all sleep issues. They also include a full programme of bespoke lifestyle changes and relaxation techniques in order to support and promote a great night’s sleep.

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