One to One Sessions.

With over 20 years in ‘Wellness’, I now focus on offering bespoke One to One sleep coaching to help you get a perfect night’s sleep. This coaching is now online coaching normally provided ‘virtually’ through Zoom.

I always like to touch base with a free 20-minute Zoom consultation where we can discuss your individual sleep needs and to talk through how I can help.

Most of my clients use my 4-week perfect sleep programme

The course consists of  a total of 5 hours of bespoke coaching with detailed sleep tracking as we go along

Before we start to work together, I will get you to fill in a quick online form, including a brief Sleep Journal. This will enable us to quickly establish where we start from and the core metrics of your current lifestyle and sleep.

Session 1 – Designing your perfect sleep programme

The first Zoom Virtual Session will last 2 hours in total. We start by reviewing your Sleep Journal and going through your Sleep Goals. We will then move on to cover some of the basic sleep Science to give you an understanding of how your programme is integrated into your body’s sleep needs. We can go into as much detail as your need so that you can get a full appreciation of how things will slot together We will then set up your sleep tracking and establish what are the easy wins to getting a better night’s sleep. I will then take you through how your individual sleep programme will develop over the next four weeks. After the session, I will create a bespoke hypnotic sleep recording for you to play nightly.

Session 2 – Reviewing your first weeks’ data 

In this 1-hour Zoom Virtual Session, we go through your sleep tracking in detail. From here we can assess what’s working and what needs more focus, fine-tuning your programme as needed.

Session 3 – Locking in your sleep

This is a 30-minute Zoom ‘catch up’, as your sleep will be well on track. We will review how our ‘fine- tuning’ has worked. We will tweak your recording, if needed, after this session too.

Session 4 – Tidying up the loose ends

An additional 30-minute Zoom to touch base just in case it’s needed.

Session 5 – Final review

This is a one hour review and planning ahead. You will get a summary report on what to keep an eye on in the longer-term based on where we started and how the course progressed.

If you would like to find out more, please use the form below to request a free consultation.