My holistic approach to Sleep and Wellness

After sorting out my own sleep problems I decided to become a Sleep Coach. I combine this with my hypnotherapy, osteopathy and naturopathy practices in London and offer sleep support and hypnotherapy worldwide via my virtual clinic.

My Story

After coming out of a treatment centre for addiction 30 years ago I quit my job in advertising and sold my house to fund my training as an Osteopath. As a long term lower back pain sufferer myself I had found that Osteopathy worked best for me. Four years later, I qualified with a first-class degree in Osteopathy, went on to be BBC Strictly Come Dancing’s Osteopath for a while. But without the alcohol, my sleep wasn’t as good as I thought. Through trial and error and lots of research, I learnt to solve my own sleep problem. My Osteopathy clients also had sleep issues of their own, so I started to help them with lifestyle suggestions and support.

Then, during a difficult period a decade ago a friend noticed I’d put on weight and suggested hypnotherapy could help. It worked so well that I went on to add this to my training.

With 30 years of continuous sobriety, along with helping solve sleep problems, I help clients with addiction, stress, food and underlying self-esteem issues and more. I have found that once our life is in balance we sleep better too.

Dave Practises in:

Sleep solutions

Practitioner Name:

Dave Gibson

Holistic Therapy:

Sleep Coach, Hypnotherapy, Osteopathy & Naturopathy,

Qualifications & Experience:

Qualified Hypnotherapist specialising in sleep, stress and weight management, BSC (1st class) in Osteopathy, and Diploma in Naturopathy with over 20 years in practice in London. A Natural health care professional with huge dedication and extensive knowledge, in his Osteopathy course Dave qualified top in all four years which has only been done twice in the 100 years of the course!

Find Dave:

Dave runs Sleep, Hypnotherapy, Osteopathy and Naturopathy Clinics in London and offers sleep and hypnotherapy support worldwide via his virtual clinics.

Dave’s also available for interviews, by lined articles and expert comment. Contact us.

For anyone to one session and presentations to schools and business you can contact Dave directly on 07813802549