Half-Day Wellbeing Workshop.

The latest report released by the Office of National Statistics (July 2023) on levels of National Wellbeing in the UK highlights the pressures that all are experiencing. In terms of personal wellbeing, the levels of life satisfaction, happiness, and how worthwhile people feel about the things they do in life were all reported as low. Levels of anxiety however were reported high.  It’s probably never been more important to look and how and where health and wellbeing can be improved.  

Length of workshop

The ½ day workshop hour includes two one-hour workshops, plus practical and break-out group work.

Who is it for?

Companies who want to support staff to improve their mental and physical wellbeing through a holistic approach combining improved stress management, diet, exercise, relaxation, and sleep.

Attendees’ take-out

Attendees will gain a clear understanding of how to improve their health and performance.

Workshop content

The content of this 3-hour workshop is totally flexible and bespoke to the individual needs of the staff attending. The most popular components of the workshop cover elements of stress management, sleep, posture, and vitality workshops including diet and exercise We explore all the latest science in each area and explain the top wellness hacks and how to build this into daily routines and weekly wellbeing. The workshop includes a pre-workshop questionnaire the results of which are presented as an introduction to the workshop.


The half-day wellbeing workshop costs £600 plus travel costs.

Post-workshop one-to-one support 

I offer free email support for any attendees who have questions that come up after the workshop.