Stress Management Workshop.

It would seem that we have never been under so much stress. Data from the Centre for Business and Economic Research (CEBR) estimates that work-related stress cost the UK economy £28bn last year. In all 23.3m working days were lost in 2022 because of stress, burnout, and poor mental health. One recent study by AXA Health suggested that almost ½ of the UK population is currently ‘not in a positive state of wellbeing’ and at risk of burning out.

Length of workshop

One hour is the most popular length, (45-minute and 30-minute workshops are also available). All workshops can be in person or online as needed.

Who is it for?

Companies who want to help staff to be able to manage their stress more effectively both inside and outside work.

Attendees’ take-out

Empower employees to understand where they can ‘address their stress’ improving their sense of wellbeing. The overall aim is that employees will come away with action points so that they can start to feel time-rich rather than time-poor.

Workshop content

I introduce the workshop with a basic understanding of the science of stress, and the inherent nature of our autonomic nervous system, reviewing how our instinctive fight or flight, or stress response operates, and how the opposing rest and digest system can be engaged. Throughout the workshop, I provide evidence-based recommendations on the building blocks of stress management and how to create a healthy work-life balance. In terms of action points, I provide the top ten stress management hacks to literally ‘bust stress’. These include the principles of time management, meditation, diet, exercise, sleep, and none deep sleep rest techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation. The attendees practice box breathing a simple breathing exercise that is proven to decrease cortisol levels. I then outline how to set up routines and implement the changes suggested in the workshop. The one-hour workshop ends with a ten-minute Q+A.

Here’s what my clients have said about the workshop

Alexandra Elena
Marketing & Engagement Manager,
LVL Wellbeing

Dave Gibson is an exceptional expert for workshops and webinars on sleep and stress management. His knowledge is invaluable, and he stays up-to-date with the latest research. Dave’s practical strategies for managing sleep and dealing with stress are easily implemented. He engages the audience, fosters open dialogue, and creates a welcoming environment. Working with Dave is enriching and highly recommended for anyone seeking guidance in sleep and stress management.


The one-hour online workshop costs £300 and the one-hour onsite workshop is available for £350 within the M25. The online 45-minute and 30-minute workshops are costed on a pro-rata basis. Onsite workshops outside M25 are costed according to travel time and expenses from my clinic in North London. Discounts are available when booking more than one workshop and reduced prices are available for charities.

Post-workshop one-to-one support

I offer free email support for any attendees who have questions that come up after the workshop. Also, for those wanting more bespoke, longer-term support after the workshops, I offer stress management and sleep coaching which can be online or in person.