One-on-One Sleep Support.

I offer One-on-One Sleep and Stress Coaching for Adults, and sleep coaching for children, tweens, and adolescents too.

Every intervention is backed by science and customised to an individual’s lifestyle, sleep struggles, and sleep goals. The aim is to take you or your child from sleep deprived to fully revived.

I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation and evaluation to make sure I am the right fit for you and your family.

It takes about four weeks to get your or your family’s sleep back on track. To this, we will create a bespoke ‘reset your sleep in four weeks’ plan.

Initial evaluation including your sleep questionnaire

Our work together starts with a 60–90-minute evaluation to go through the background of your sleep problem. This can be done on Zoom, on the phone, or in person as needed. I will send out a brief questionnaire for you to fill in prior to this to help gain information on your individual lifestyle and sleep struggles. We will start the session by discussing the questionnaire and by then of your initial evaluation create an individual step-by-step plan of how to get your sleep back on track. There is also an opportunity within this appointment to include hypnotherapy especially if switching off your mind and stress is an issue in stopping you from getting to or interrupting your sleep. Here I also create a bespoke relaxation recording to help your mind to ‘relearn the art of sleeping’.

The four-week programme includes weekly follow-up calls

During the next four weeks, you will be asked to fill in a brief personalised sleep log which you will email me so that we can track the changes together and tweak things accordingly. 

This four-week period also includes a weekly 30-minute Zoom or phone call to help you implement any changes to your new routine. Your personalised sleep meditation recording can also be tweaked if needed during these calls.

Locking in your new routine long-term

At the end of the four weeks, we pull together all the insights you have discovered in terms of changes to your sleep hygiene which has helped you lock in your new sleep success. We will create a guide to set to take you through how to lock this in longer-term including relaxation techniques, exercise, and diet how to maintain your new routine, and what to do if things go off track, including a free catch-up call if needed.