Wellbeing Workshops.

I have been running workshops on wellbeing for over a decade now providing support, education, tips, and practical guidance across a wide range of areas including stress, sleep, posture, vitality, diet, exercise, communication and relationship skills, and more.  

The aim of all my workshops is to educate, empower, and engage so that attendees leave the workshop with a clear action plan, knowing which of the tips and new knowledge they are going to implement first.

The background and recommendations in each workshop are evidence-based. My approach to wellbeing is based on understanding the key drivers of our health and emotional well-being and how to optimise both through education on our basic physiology and our psychological drivers. I provide bespoke practical suggestions and tips on how to incorporate and implement the key learning from the workshops into daily routines which create the best possible all-around wellness at work rest and play.

My workshops can be tailor-made to individual briefs both in terms of content and time length. They can be online or offline, with most clients preferring one-hour workshops. I offer 45-minute workshops and topline 30-minute workshops too.

I also offer a pre-course questionnaire with the one-hour sleep workshop and one-hour stress management workshops. These help gain insights into the company’s levels of sleep hygiene or stress levels with highlights presented as the introduction to the workshops. They also provide the perfect backdrop for the workshop and never fail to demonstrate the relevance and need for the workshop to the members of staff based on their collective results. I offer a deeper dive into holistic health and performance in my ½ day wellbeing workshop, as well as one-on-one support for employees within the company.  

Sleep Workshop

With all the latest sleep science and bio-hacks this workshop explores the importance of sleep for mental and physical wellbeing and for improved focus and performance at work. I cover my top ten sleep tips explaining the evidence-based research behind them and go through the breakdown and principles of my recommended relaxation techniques with an option to do one or two as a practical. I include a step-by-step guide on how implement the perfect, bespoke sleep routine to maximise sleep quality and quantity, getting to sleep more easily, delivering the best possible mental and physical rejuvenation.

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Stress Management Workshop

My stress management workshop is all about creating simple wellbeing routines to maximise productivity and create a healthy work-life balance. Topics include the physiology of stress, the role of sleep, exercise, and diet in optimising mental and physical wellbeing, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques – with the option to do one or two as a practical, effective communication and relationship skills, and time management including the essential strategy and principals of how to become time rich rather than time poor. I guide how to implement change to optimise a sense of wellbeing and enhance overall health and productivity both inside and outside work.

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Posture Workshop

I bring over 20 years’ experience as an Osteopath to my posture workshop. I begin by illustrating how the challenges of our modern sedentary/tech-based lifestyle compromises our posture and demonstrate how to correct this during the practical component of the session.  I provide recommendations and practical guidance on how to set up an ergonomic workstation at home and in the office, for the best sleeping postures and optimum mattress/pillow combinations for spinal support, the benefits of different exercise regimes and the ideal combinations of stretches and strengthening exercises for perfect posture.

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Vitality Workshop

This workshop covers all the essential aspects of health and vitality with evidence-based recommendations on nutrition, exercise, and rest – including sleep, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques. Topics include the contribution of each food group and a healthy gut biome to vitality, the benefits of different types of exercise from cardio, weights, Pilates, yoga and more, plus how to get the best possible nights’ sleep. I provide guidance on how to incorporate these top lifestyle bio-hacks into simple daily routines creating sustained physical and mental vitality and an improved quality of life.

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Half Day Wellbeing Workshop

I offer a ½ day wellbeing workshop which covers all the essential elements of well-being including sleep, relaxation and rest, diet, exercise, posture and stress management. The final content of the workshop can be tailor made to the unique needs of each clients’ business and staff challenges including time management within in a global business and online communication skills. There are practical components for posture, relaxation, and stress management with break out groups and team interaction. There is also post workshop follow-up to answer individual questions and provide bespoke advice for specific problems which aren’t answered in the workshop Q+A.

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Workshops For Students

From the challenges of the pressures of study and exams, to balancing the offline and online world including social media, and the worries of an uncertain future, the mental health of students has never been under so much pressure. My free support for students includes workshops covering all the essentials of how to maintain optimum focus for study whilst keeping a balanced healthy life for play. I include bio-hacks for maximising efficient and effective study, how to relax and rejuvenate, resilience and relationship skills, and how to manage addictive tendencies including over-reliance on alcohol etc.

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Workshops For Schools

I offer free sleep workshops for primary and secondary schools with bespoke workshops for key stage 1, key stage 2, for different age groups at secondary schools, and for parents and teachers too. For primary schools the communication is bite size and easy to understand comparing cave-children’s lives to modern times. For secondary schools, parents, and teachers the workshops include the latest sleep research and incudes how to balance study and wellness needs and how to develop resilience to manage stress. All workshops can include practicing breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

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