Sleep Workshop.

The UK now has a chronic sleep problem with most of us getting far fewer hours than recommended or needed. The latest research by RAND Europe (April 2023) has suggested that insomnia is costing the UK economy up to £34 billion a year. This equates to 1.3% of our GDP in lost productivity each year.

Length of workshop

One hour is the most popular length, (45-minute and 30-minute workshops also available). All workshops can be in person or online as needed.

Who is it for?

Companies who want to empower their employees to get a better night’s sleep.

Attendees’ take-out

Employees will gain a clear understanding of the benefits of a good night’s sleep including performance at work and improved mental and physical wellbeing. Most importantly they will know how to incorporate the top sleep tips into their nightly routine in order to get the perfect night’s sleep.

Workshop content

The workshop starts with setting out why we need sleep and its benefits in terms of mental and physical ‘wellbeing’. We briefly discuss the latest sleep science covering how each sleep stage contributes a unique health benefit and why we need a good night’s sleep to feel refreshed and ready to perform at work and home. I then cover the top ten sleep hacks for a perfect night’s sleep before going through some practical ideas to support relaxation and ‘de-stressing’. This practical part of the session includes the principles of meditation and progressive muscle relaxation with the attendees practicing ‘box-breathing a simple breathing exercise that is proven to decrease cortisol levels. Then we run through how to set up routines and implement the changes suggested in the workshop. The one-hour workshop ends with a ten-minute Q+A.

Pre-course Sleep Hygiene Questionnaire

My sleep workshop includes an option to include a sleep hygiene questionnaire. This 10 or 15-question ‘dipstick’ survey helps set up the perfect introduction for the workshop and also informs the company and attendees as to the nature of sleep problems within the business. Some clients also add a post-course dipstick survey around 3 months later to see how things have changed.

Here’s what my clients have said about the Sleep Workshop.

Richard Reid
Head of Global Wellbeing,
Harneys LLP

Dave delivered two webinars for us on the theme of Sleep. I was not only mightily impressed with the breadth and depth of his knowledge (he very much adopts a holistic approach to his topic!), but also the level of energy and enthusiasm that he brings to his subject matter. It makes it very hard not to be enthused by what could easily otherwise become an extremely dry conversation. I have personally adopted some of Dave’s practical advice with extremely positive results. Many other people within the firm have done likewise. We have been so impressed with Dave’s work that we have already commissioned him for further work

Chloe Doda
Group Marketing Manager,

We had the pleasure of having Dave as one of our speakers at our corporate wellness event on the theme of getting the perfect night’s sleep. Dave was clearly very passionate about the topic and he was able to draw in everyone to his presentations. He delivered a really in-depth talk which all our employees found very useful and insightful, as well as offering practical steps to improve our sleep hygiene that people could put into practice immediately. Dave was also very engaging and interactive, answering questions and sharing his own experiences. We received a lot of positive feedback from our staff who attended his sessions and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a sleep expert.


The one-hour online workshop costs £300 and the one-hour onsite workshop is available for £350 within the M25. The online 45-minute and 30-minute workshops are costed on a pro-rata basis. Onsite workshops outside M25 are costed according to travel time and expenses from my clinic in North London. Discounts are available when booking more than one workshop and reduced prices are available for charities.

There’s an additional cost for the Sleep Hygiene questionnaire.

Post-workshop one-on-one support

I offer free email support for any attendees who have questions that come up after the workshop. Also, for those wanting more bespoke, longer-term support after the workshops, I offer sleep coaching which can be online or in person.