Vitality Workshop.

Recent research estimates that the total economic cost of lost output among working-age people due to ill health is around £150bn per annum, equivalent to 7% of GDP. What’s more, this cost has increased by 60% since 2016. It’s probably never been more important to look and how and where health and wellbeing can be improved.   

Length of workshop

One hour is the most popular length, (45-minute and 30-minute workshops also available). All workshops can be in person or online as needed.

Who is it for?

Companies who want to support staff to improve their overall vitality and health through a holistic approach combining improved diet, exercise, relaxation, and sleep.

Attendees’ take-out

Attendees will gain a clear understanding of how each component of vitality can contribute to improved health, wellness, and performance.

Workshop content

The vitality workshop includes all the essentials of wellbeing including optimum sleep, stress management, nutrition, exercise, and emotional resilience. We explore all the latest science in each of the pillars of vitality in order to build an understanding of the recommendations and top tips provided for the attendees. I often find this workshop is booked as a top-up within a company’s overall wellness calendar. As such the content of the Vitality Workshop is totally flexible in terms of the balance of each of the areas covered as needed within the brief. The one-hour workshop ends with a ten-minute Q+A.


The one-hour online workshop costs £300 and the one-hour onsite workshop is available for £350 within the M25. The online 45-minute and 30-minute workshops are costed on a pro-rata basis. Onsite workshops outside M25 are costed according to travel time and expenses from my clinic in North London. Discounts are available when booking more than one workshop and reduced prices are available for charities.

Post-workshop one-on-one support

I offer free email support for any attendees who have questions that come up after the workshop.