Workshops For Schools.

When I left advertising in the early 90’s my choice in my future career came down to following my passion in health and wellness or the joy of becoming a teacher in schools. My friends in education advised me that given I was leaving advertising partly down to burn-out I probably wouldn’t cope with the stress of being a teacher. So, I sold my house to pay for my Osteopathy training but my desire to make a difference in the emotional and physical wellbeing, and to educate and inspire remains. Hence all workshops for schools are free of charge.

Workshop content

There are specific workshops for key stage 1, key stage 2, or different age groups at secondary schools, and for parents and teachers too. The core content of the workshops contains education about sleep, food, and exercise. For primary schools, the communication is bite-sized and easy to understand. For secondary schools, parents, and teachers the workshops include the latest sleep research and cover how to balance study and wellness needs including developing resilience to manage stress. All workshops can include practicing breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques

Length of workshop

One hour is the most popular length and can be delivered in assemblies, post, or during school time as needed.


I offer all workshops free of charge.

Post-workshop one-to-one support 

I offer free email support for any teachers and parents who have questions that come up after the workshop.