Dave Gibson


Winter sleep tips

How To Get Sleep During Party Season

Going to parties during the festive season is great for catching up with friends and family, and will undoubtedly lead to late nights, but there’s no need to let your sleep suffer. In fact, if you make sure you support your sleep hygiene through the party season there is more chance you will come out the other side still in the best of health rather than wishing you had been more ‘sensible at the time’.

Top five tips

Here are my top tips on how to get sleep during the party season.

1) On the run-up to the party season.

Make sure you get enough sleep before the party season kicks off. On average we need around 8 hours a night, some of us more and some of us less. The main thing is to make sure you get enough sleep each night of the week before you start to party to avoid running up a sleep debt when you tend to wake up feeling groggy every morning. The best way of finding out whether you are getting enough sleep is to try to wake up without using an alarm!

2) Night before

Getting extra sleep, and cutting out coffee at lunchtime, will help you get to sleep easier and reduce the strain on your liver which has to detox both coffee and alcohol

3) Day off.

Have a nap on the day of the party to make up for the sleep you will lose. This reduces the sleep debt you have to catch up on when you go to bed later that night

4) After the party cravings.

It’s been proven that lack of sleep gives us the munchies for more food and more of the wrong food. Eat some protein-based foods such as scrambled eggs and smoked salmon which take longer to digest to curb your cravings.

5) Pay back your sleep debt.

Make sure you catch up with your lost sleep with a 30-minute or 90-minute nap in the day after the party or over the next two to three nights. This gives you time to catch up before the next party arrives. Avoid naps between 30 minutes and 60 minutes, as you will wake up from the deeper stages of sleep when you tend to feel groggy. Having a cup of coffee before a 20-minute nap can wake you up raring to go as it takes 20 minutes for coffee to get into your system to give you a lift.