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Bedroom tips

What Makes For The Best Kids’ Bed

Sleeping well is a vital part of a child’s development, so giving them a supportive and comfortable bed is a really important step in their growing up. A lot of their mental and physical growth occurs in sleep, so enable them to have a deep and restorative night’s kip with these five simple steps.

Top 5 tips

1) Pillow height
Supporting their necks and cradling their heads in the right position is mark of the ideal pillow for your child. To see if it is the right height, lie your child down on their side with their head resting on the pillow. Their heads should rest comfortably when the imaginary line from their ear, through their eyes, to the pillow is perpendicular to the mattress.

2) A good mattress that provides localised support for back and joints
We all know the pain and stiffness that comes from a poorly supportive mattress. A child’s growing bones and natural fidgeting during sleep means they need a mattress that will give responsive support throughout the night. Quality pocket sprung or coil mattresses are the most popular options for children, but make sure you shop with your child to ensure they feel comfortable on the mattress.

3) Hypoallergenic for asthma sufferers
Children with asthma will struggle if mattresses are dirty or contain natural fibres that keep dust . Choosing a hypoallergenic foam mattress is a good but potentially expensive choice. Many will choose hypoallergenic protective covers for their children’s mattresses and pillows. It’s important to regularly wash children’s bedding, particularly in the summer months, when allergen counts are high.

4) Cotton linens for comfort/temperature regulation
When choosing linens for your child’s bed, remember that synthetic fibres can be irritating and make them too warm. Choosing cotton linens ensures that their bed is soft, comfortable and naturally temperature regulating, so that they do not get too hot or cold in the night.

5) One that’s theirs
It’s important that, whilst also being physically comfortable, a child is mentally at ease when they hit the hay. Bringing them into the decision of which bed to buy means they feel like it was their choice and so is their space. This feeling of ownership and privacy will go a long way to helping them relax into a deep and cosy slumber.