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What are Mattresses made of how do I know what to buy?

I am often asked by my patients what type of mattress they should buy , or whether they should go for a soft medium of firm mattress. My advice is that as long as their spine is properly supported the choice of mattress is most often down to personal choice and how much is affordable.

Although there are literally thousands of different mattresses and mattress specifications in the market their basic construction can be simplified into 4 different types.

4 top tips when buying a mattress

Here is some information about what is in each type of mattress. Plus my top tips on what to consider and look out for when buying a mattress.

1) Coil Sprung Mattress
Coil sprung mattresses have interlinked springs and tend to be at the budget end of the sprung market.

Top Tips: Always make sure coil mattresses still have the basics like breathable covers, quality fillers and a guarantee. Hand tufted fillers are also a good sign that mattress quality has been maintained.

2) Pocket Sprung Mattress (or IPS)
Individual pocket sprung mattresses give you a more bespoke support. Variations in spring types are available, most are designed to reduce the impact of your partner’s movement. Non-turn sprung mattresses can be more convenient to take care of, especially when having to turn heavier mattresses.

Top Tips: Spring counts can vary from hundreds to thousands. Although, sometimes poorer quality springs will make up the higher spring counts to keep costs down. Only buy a mattress with a genuine guarantee of at least 5 years and from a company with a high independent rating. Also, make sure your mattress has quality fillers and strong handles to allow regular turning.

3) Foam or Memory Foam Mattress
These mattresses vary in price and quality, from simple foam slabs to intricate foam cubes that mould to the shape of your back. Key consideration here is heat loss, as basic memory foam holds heat and can overheat you at night.

Top Tip: Make sure your memory foam mattress allows temperature regulation. Outlast covers are one component to look for as they are regarded as one of the better heat regulators in the market.

4) Hybrid or Combo Mattress
Typically, hybrid mattresses are a combination of foam on top of pocket springs. Hybrid mattresses can vary in their component mix, with some feeling more like a traditional pocket sprung and others more like a foam. They can be made of foam, latex, individual springs, coils springs or any combination of these

Top Tip: You should try hybrid mattresses before you buy, due to their huge variation in ‘feel’.

I always advise trying a mattress before buying as the perfect mattress is subject to the person sleeping on it. I hope my simple guide will help you when you buy your new mattress.