Dave Gibson


Summer sleep tips

Top Five Sleep Tips To Beat The Heatwave

1) Make your bedroom a cave

You want a cool, dark cave to sleep in at . Let air in and reflect the sun’s heat by keeping windows open and curtains and blinds pulled in the day. Turn off all electrics in the evening to minimise heat. A pitch-black room at bedtime will trigger your sleep hormones signaling that it’s time for your body and mind to wind down and go to sleep. Try using a fan to circulate the heat, and blow the air through a damp sheet as will cool you down further.

2) Keep yourself cool

Avoid getting into bed feeling hot and bothered so that you don’t end up tossing and turning beneath sweaty sheets. Take a tepid (not too hot or cold) shower or bath before bed – too hot and you will retain the heat, too cold and your pores will close ultimately increasing your core temperature. Try drinking chrysanthemum tea, a Chinese remedy thought to help with cooling down in the heat. Keep those toes out of the covers, feet are sensitive to heat as they have lots of pulse points. If you are still too hot, try an ice pack (wrapped in a damp towel) on the back of your knees or neck, which is a quick way of cooling your body.

3) Get your bedding sorted

Choose high quality, breathable cotton sheets for their natural heat relieving abilities to help your body temperature drop to a level that’s perfect for sleep. In the hot summer, keep your bed sheet in the fridge in a plastic bag in the day, lying under freshly chilled sheets will help your body get rid of unwanted heat. If you use a rubber pillow (which tends to absorb heat and get hot) you may need to swap it in the summer.

4) Keep well hydrated both in the day and at night

Try to drink a glass of cold water before bed in the summer , as sweating at night can result in dehydration. Keep a chilled 1 litre bottle of water by your bed so you don’t have to get out of bed to take in extra fluid during the night .

5) Have some cooling tricks prepared if you are still too hot.

Try spraying water from an empty perfume bottle (or similar) water on your face and the back of your neck. Fill your hot water bottle with ice water and place it on your body’s heat points (behind your ankles, your neck, feet etc). Aloe Vera based after sun cream, kept in the fridge and then your bedside table at night will also help to cool the body down. A barley or wheat bag placed in the freezer during the day can also be used on the cooling points around your body.